Wood Deck in Gig Harbor

One of the best decisions that homeowners make is to invest in a deck. It’s a fantastic project that enhances your quality of life in a variety of ways while also improving the value of your home.

If you’ve been considering replacing an outdated deck or repairing an existing one, you should be aware of the associated costs.

You’ll learn how much a wood deck in Tacoma costs to build and maintain in this post. Additionally, you’ll learn about some of the major price-influencing aspects.

Average Costs for Wood Deck Repair in Tacoma

Here’s a general idea of what you might expect to pay for wood deck repairs in Tacoma:

  • Small Repairs (under $500): This could cover tasks like replacing a few boards, tightening screws, or repairing minor cracks.
  • Medium Repairs ($500 – $2,500): This range might include fixing moderate wood rot, replacing railings, or power washing and staining the entire deck.
  • Large Repairs (over $2,500): Extensive structural repairs, rebuilding large sections of decking, or complete resurfacing would likely fall into this category.

What Impacts Deck Building And Replacement Costs

There are quite a few things that impact the ultimate cost of your new deck. Let’s look at the most important ones.

  • Total square footage. Naturally, the bigger you want your deck to be, the more time, labor, and materials it’ll take to build.
  • Material choice. Wood, higher-end wood, composite materials, or PVC decking are some of the most common decking materials on the market these days. Each has their pros and cons, but the main differentiator is their maintenance and costs.
  • Finishes. Stain, paint, or seal a wood deck to give it the look that fits your preferences. Each option has a slightly different cost but greatly affects how your outdoor space looks. For composite decking or PVC decking, make sure you get the finish right from the get go, as refinishing these materials is not a viable option.
  • Upgrades. The most common upgrades include stair lights, railing lights, better materials, pergolas, wrapped columns, and gutter systems. They all add up to the functionality and feel of your outdoor space, but also to the costs.

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